Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Witness Protection

God has placed you in the “witness protection program”. The Holy Spirit is progressively revealing your “new identity”. Your identification with Christ is “the key” to everything. Remaining “hidden” in your “new life” is the “only” place of safety. “Cast down” every vain word or thought that would attempt to “exalt itself” above this “new identity”. Christ’s Finished Work is the “new you”. Stay “in character” by walking “in the spirit”. This makes you a partaker of a “new name” and a “new nature”. Those that had power over the “old you” are still “looking for you” so don’t have any contact with the “old life”. No phone calls or letters to “old friends” that might place you in “harm’s way”. You have a “new job”, you are to be "a witness", to proclaim the Gospel of Christ’s glory. Tell everyone that He arose triumphant over death and the grave. That He destroyed the power of sin and defeated Satan and all his hosts. That He now sits in glory at His Father’s right hand having all authority in heaven and earth and that now you are "His witness" in the earth and that your “only job” is to "live a life" that proclaims and demonstrates the superiority of His Kingdom over all earthly kingdoms....for His Glory.