Little Children

Matthew 18:2-3
And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Salvation is a free gift. (I have Jesus). The Kingdom (Born Again) Jesus has me.
I am not waiting for eternity, I am living in eternity right now. Our heart must be arrested by a Vision of where we are and Where we are going. We must begin right here, right now to make our spiritual discoveries. We are trying to hard to become adults in the Spirit. We enter the Kingdom as “a child”.
I believe thoroughly and completely that we’ve got to become little children in the realm of the supernatural. To begin our walk in the Spirit with child-like faith. Most in the church are so scared of getting in the flesh that they never get out of it. I don’t know about you but I want go out and “play”. I want to go beyond my natural limitations and dream in the Spirit, imagine in the Spirit, dance in the Spirit, sing in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit, run in the Spirit and play in the Spirit. This will be repulsive to the intellect. And it will send all the intellectual people in the church up the wall. You will hear them say, “stop playing” it’s time to “get serious”. You know I can’t think of a more serious reaction to the words of Jesus in Matt 18:2-3 than to without delay, humble ourselves get out our spiritual things and go outside the man-made limitations of a natural religious order and begin to play. The carnal mind will say what’s going to be accomplished? I say nothing…that’s what happens when you “play”, “Nothing”. We never made "a plan" when we went out to play in the natural. We might find ourselves digging in the dirt and making roads for our toy trucks and marking our territory with some small pebbles.
It’s the same in the Spirit. With the heart of a child the burdens and cares of this world are lifted and the Spirit finds unfiltered expression. Will some take it to far? Will some get in the flesh? Will some make a mess? Sure and we will clean up after them and keep going.  After all they are children so we clean up messes as a normal course of events. We need room to play…space to begin to discover who we are in the Spirit. The intellectual will shoot us down every time we begin to fly. We must overcome the oppression of the carnal mind and press into the Kingdom with the heart of a “little child”. When you play in the spirit your inner being is being made compatible and conducive. That natural resistance of the flesh is being broken down. There is an opening being created in you for the “new wine” to flow. Our ways and Our thoughts are not the ways and thoughts of the Kingdom. It is only as we approach God with the pure and receptive heart of  “a little child” that we can begin to flow in the Spirit. We sow in the Spirit because it’s there that we want to reap a harvest, so when the real thing comes without measure there will be a people who are prepared.