Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Two Become One

Prior to the fall, Adam and Eve were one. There was no need for authority and submission; it was swallowed up in simplicity and union. In order for authority and submission to operate, there must be two wills. One will must come under and submit to the other will. For that reason, we see that obedience in submission is not the ultimate goal. There is something greater. The highest order of anything is to become it! We are to come into union with “His will” ... “one will”. Jesus was the Pattern for this. He who was rich became poor. The Word was made flesh. He identified with broken humanity, and, as such, lowered Himself into a relationship of authority and submission to the Father. Prior to that, He and the Father were one. He lowered Himself even further and submitted to Joseph and Mary, and to the law. The truth of authority and submission was the only principle by which Jesus Christ walked out from under the curse, bringing us up and out with Him! One church will teach that authority and submission are all-important. Another will teach that authority and submission are not important at all. Guess where the truth is? The first group is killing people with legalism; the other is killing people quicker with license. Submission does not denote inferiority. The man is not better or smarter than the woman. There are wonderful differences that are meant to create dependency one upon another. A man and a woman rightly related reveal the image of God. It takes both. Two become one.