Sunday, September 13, 2015

Is Your Glass Clean ?

Is your glass clean? I work retail, so a daily chore is to remove the fingerprints from the glass. If there are no fingerprints or dust on the glass, it’s just as if it isn’t there. So when people look, they don’t see or notice the glass, they look through it. If they see the glass it’s because there is something on it. But if there’s nothing there to distract then they look through it and see clearly the beauty that is within. Our lives are to be windows to the Kingdom of God. Most people won’t tell you that your glass is dirty but it leaves a lasting impression with them of the value you place on what is behind the glass.The dust on our glass is our love for the things of the world, the fingerprints are the pride of life. God is getting us ready for an “Open House”. Now is the time to prepare. Clean your glass so that your life might be a window into eternity through which “His Light “ can shine. Your life must decrease until you become the “voice of another”, a transparent expression of “The Way”, “The Truth”, “The Life”.