Two Lives

It seems as if I have lived two Lives. One Life has been full of great blessings, answered prayer, healings, dreams, visions, prophesy's  and glimpses of things that I don’t yet have words to describe or explain. An awareness of a Kingdom to be revealed. An almost Deja vu feeling at times as I sense that I am being Re membered by The Holy Spirit and placed into the Body of Christ. Almost like spiritual mileposts to an eternal destination. There are times I have read Gods word and felt as though I was inside it. It was so real as if it were a substance that could be consumed in some physical sense.

I have also experienced another life. One of tests and trials. Of sowing and reaping. Of learning obedience through suffering and shame. Praying for others at times and feeling so limited as the "free will" of many is like a wall to The Spirit. Knowing God is able, yet not being released to function in a greater measure of "Sonship". A working out of salvation with fear and trembling. Becoming utterly dependent upon the Body of Christ for Life supply as the natural realm becomes something very strange and ultimately uninhabitable. Going through periods of time without the slightest hint or trace of activity in my spirit. 

One Life seemed to work the works of God and His Kingdom purposes.  The other Life seemed to be for testing and discipline, to work out the will of God for me in a life that He had foreknown and foreordained. I am convinced that most of what I have experienced is for my preparation for His Kingdom and my eternal expression of His Life. Yet I have seen the mystery. We shall not all sleep but we shall be changed. In a moment. A trumpet will sound and we will be lifted into a new level of relationship with Our Lord who has made us "Kings and Priests"