Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Your Position

When God first approaches us, His first question is:  “Where art thou?”  Well what do
we answer?  We have to answer as Adam.  Make the confession of the thing that has brought us to the 
level, or the plane, or the position we find ourselves before Him. And so he answers, and he makes 
a confession of it.  He makes a real confession of it.  And on the basis of that confession, how 
many see that God is able to bring a blessing. What is it?  His answer.    His answer.  “Oh these 
leaves will never cover you Adam. You own where you are?”  “Yes”  “And you've tried to cover.”  
“Yes”  “Do you see how it is of no avail?”   “Yes.”   How many see a deep, lovely, confession of 
the whole situation?  Then after that, He says, “Well then come here.   I'll show you.”  That 
loving God, slays a little animal, takes it's skin and covers him.  How many see that is the first 
picture of Jesus?  That's the first picture of the Lamb slain.  That's the first shedding of blood  
for  this  redemption  of  this  man,  that  from  his  new  position,  now,  having answered the 
question, that was of God...why?  To provoke an answer.   What is the answer? A confession.  
Because your confession will become the platform upon which God may move once more.  And restore 
and bless, and do a thousand things for Him. How many can see that, just that one 
point? God uses this in the development of our whole Christian life and experience.  He 
works from a good, sound, foundation.  He starts with position.  And we have to own our position. 
It's quite difficult to do that sometimes, isn't it?  That's very difficult. We could make all 
other kinds of confessions.  But sometimes just to say, “I'm wrong,” that's the most difficult. 
There are people willing to be martyrs, and be hung up by their thumbs, rather than say, “I was 
wrong.”That's right.  They would do everything else, and cut their feet off, and everything!  
That's right.  This is silly, crazy, ego in here.  He is such a... watch out for him.  How many 
know he has a lot of religion, too?  How many know the Devil has religion, too?  Understands it 
very well.  Quotes scripture too, and is very “nice;” says at times he comes as an angel of light.  
Well people don't know that, they say, “The only time the Lord appears is when the Spirit falls, 
and everyone says, 'glory, glory, glory...,” then that's the Lord, but if somebody gets sick, then 
that's the Devil.  Aren't we funny? Oh, we're funny!  I deal with people and I say, “My goodness, 
you don't seem to know the Lord from the Devil.”  “Would the Lord do that?”  I say, “Well sure!  Go 
to the Bible.  Didn't He do a lot of 'funny' things?”  “Well...?”  Come on!  Didn't He?!! When He 
wanted to get ahold of Job, what did He do, let the Devil loose on him, didn't He?  He didn't come 
down to Job, and say, “Now dear brother Job, there is somewhat I have to say unto thee.  Thou art a 
perfect man, a lovely specimen, a great potential is in you.  I want to help you very much.” And He 
had a real conversation with Job, and He said, “Now get down Job, and I'll pray for you!  One, two, 
three... bumble bee!!!”  The Lord delivered Job!   He didn't do that.    
Its not quite as dramatic as that, but I mean the philosophy of it is going on that way. Yes it is. 
Yes it is. Using the very principle.   But they're disguised with “Hallelujah...”   Well the Lord
knows “hallelujah” too.  No, He says I can only get at you through this means. And He let the Devil 
loose on him.  “Oh... it's the Devil!  Oh, the Devil!!  Everybody cast the Devil out and all the 
demons!!!”  Now have a deliverance meeting of some kind and kill the Devil.  Well, they haven't got 
a deliverance meeting up to that.  I'm waiting for one where they really could kill him.  Wouldn't 
that be something?  I wouldn't go near the meeting; I couldn't take up with all that stuff.   But I 
kind of would like to peek through the knot hole to see it go over.  You can't play with God like 
that.  “In the word... ask what you will!!”  It does.  It says a lot of other things too.  So we 
won't play around in that field.  It isn't good.  Your reaction in that isn't good.  It will have 
to take weeks and months, and some people even years to get over it.
Name your position.  And go on.  And out of that, on that platform, God will come. God will come.  
He'll come on that platform.  But not one you're fixing up.  “Oh let's build a lovely platform now. 
 Hallelujah!! You pray, I pray, she prays, we pray, all pray... pray... all power, power, 
power....”  Oh no.  Sit down.  You'll never get a platform if you come on that.  He's way off in 
the heavens, and we say, “Well where is God?  We've got a platform all fixed for Him.  You've tried 
to regulate God and the Spirit long enough. Please stop.  I said the other day, people are praying 
a terrific, tremendous, super, expeditious moving of the Spirit of God!  And I stay behind and say, 
“Keep it up there, Lord.   You know how.”   I do.   Do you know what?   Because flesh doesn't know 
anything yet, and religious flesh--- especially!  God will pour out His Spirit in some lovely, new, 
beautiful moving, and six months from now that would be all channeled, named, and labeled.  That's 
true.  That's the way flesh is.  Now you know why I don't get in a lot of things.  I can't take it. 
 I'll be fair with you.  I can't take it.  I'm not geared to it.  I don't want to be mixed up with 
it.  No, flesh is like that.  It can't let God move as HE wants to.   It has to be cataloged, and 
fixed, and programmed, and labeled, and fuddled with and by that time the Holy Ghost is out and 
everybody says, “Where's the Lord?”  And I say, “Well for heavens sake, He got out of here ten, 
fifteen years ago!” Don't.  Sit down.  Don't ask me if you want to know.  I could tell you plenty 
of things, but you wouldn't want to hear them.  I could.  I could tell you plenty of things this 
morning, but you wouldn't want to hear them.  It would upset the faith of some of you, and I don't 
want you to 'backslide and go to hell,' so I'm just going to talk about nice things.   And pleasant 
things, you know.   I wouldn't dare to tell the truth, because people can't take truth.  They can't 
take it.  No they couldn't.  You aren't honest enough to begin with; you think you are honest.  
Would you like to have the truth come down and upset just about half the stuff you're mixed up 
with?  How many would like that? No, you wouldn't. You wouldn't. You couldn't take it. You live 
long enough, and God is going to get in there and upset a lot of things. Yes He will.  Some have 
already found it in their experience.  He's not done with any one of us.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Believe

I believe it, and it is translated into time and space, and here it is – a tangible
reality. But I have that before it becomes a tangible reality; I have it in my Spiritual Consciousness, as
a live fact, and I live under the power of it. And I rejoice in it, and eventually it comes through into the
place of demonstration here. That's the way God works with us. Reckon yourself dead to that old.
How many see it's a “reckoning” process that takes Faith? Reckon yourself dead because, actually –
that's True. Don't pay so much attention to your body reaction to the thing. Take it in Spirit and
Believe it, and it will Record in your body. I'm always healed in Spirit before I'm healed in my body. I
am. That whole thing is in me, in my Spirit – I receive it, rejoice in it, and eventually it is translated
and it comes back to me in my “body fashion.” But people won't take it that way, they think that if I
“have faith,” I'd have it right here, right NOW. Now wait just a minute. No. FAITH is the medium
which you use to bring it from that realm down here to this realm. That's why the word 'faith' in not
understood too well. The faith that brings a thing that I'm trusting for here, here it is that God holds it
out to me. Now the only medium that I have for getting that from the realm of the Spirit where I see it
and I know it and I believe it with all my heart; the only medium that I have is that of faith to bring it
down to a conscious level here of demonstration.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Perfect Love

1 Jn. 4:17, KJV Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as He is, so are we in this world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                As He is by nature, so are we by nature…  Jesus' Bride, the Church, has been called out of darkness to become a Companion of like nature and ability—not when we die and go to Heaven, but in this "world." We are too quick to dismiss His decreed destiny to cover this cosmos—this "temporary, cosmetic, melts-in-the-fire, transient system, order, and arrangement of things"—with His glory. That is why He purposely left His Body behind when He ascended to the Father.  He becomes we!  This end-time, "third-day people" will be given dominion in the earth by virtue of their having been conformed to His image and likeness. According to John the apostle, our global ministry will be marked by "boldness." This is translated from the Greek word parrhesia used in First John 4:17. It means "all out-spokenness, frankness, bluntness, publicity; by implication, assurance."Such is the dynamic ministry of the "new creation many-membered Man" who will go forth in corporate anointing!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Anointing

The anointing is not a feeling, an idea, or an atmosphere. It is a knowing. It is the assurance that God is with us. And there is more...The anointing is a Person—Immanuel, God with us; the Messiah, the Christ!
The Old Testament prophesied the coming of the "Messiah," and the New Testament faithfully records the fulfillment of those prophecies with the birth and ministry of the "Christ." This word was transliterated from the Greek word christos, which like its Hebrew equivalent, Messiah, means "the anointed one." Those are wonderful facts to know, but why is all this important to us today? It is important because the dispensation of the fullness of times has dawned! The day of restoration and worldwide revival has come. Now is the time in which the Father predetermined that He would bring all things in Heaven and on earth together under one Head, even Christ. The only way that will happen is through the anointing of Almighty God because our best efforts over the past years since Pentecost have produced a weak and tasteless mixture of fleshly compromise, bickering, and only a little holiness.
The fountainhead of all anointing is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Root of David, Earth's one true Messiah. All truth, by precept and practice, must be founded upon the centrality and supremacy of Jesus Christ, the everlastingly preeminent One. That is why it is important to understand that the anointing is not a thing but a Person.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Two realms

We were created to function in the “spirit realm.”
But, there is an active enemy who ever seeks to keep us “earth bound” - living in the soul realm.
There are two trees in our garden (our daily experience).
We have to choose many times each day what we will allow inside.
To feed our spirit is to eat from the Tree of Life (Christ in us), this produces life and peace.
To eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil produces death.
This is a knowledge of the natural realm, of things that are temporary and not eternal.
These two “trees” are placed in the pattern of each of our lives.
There are two realms before us: one is the physical world, the other is the spiritual world.
With our five senses, we live in the first; with our faith we live in the second.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Man child

Rev 12:5 And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.
Jesus rent the veil and released all things. The mature Church will arise and walk in all that Messiah died for! All creation awaits the manifestation and unveiling of the Son in and through a vast company of sons and daughters. We are destined to understand, acknowledge, appropriate, experience, and then manifest the spoils of His eternal conquest in Gethsemane, on Calvary's cross, and at the empty tomb! It is not simply an intellectual understanding of this truth that will guarantee an "entering" into the spiritual reality of this overcoming company. We must first internally experience the truth of "sonship" before we can externally manifest its living reality to the world. Right now in many hidden places around the world an immeasurable company is being trained in the school of the Spirit. The nature of Christ is being woven into the fabric of their beings.
The process is tiresome and tedious, but the results will be stunning and spectacular.  All  of  creation  is  on  tiptoe  in  anxious  anticipation  of  the dramatic   display   of   this   glorious   spectacle—the  corporate   Man,   the Manchild, sons of His love. We are about to be fully delivered from the bondage and corruption of our "Egypt"—the slavery of sin and satan—and finally released into the freedom of the glory of the children of God!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Spirit Filled

Before He could fill me with His Spirit, before He could fill me with this marvelous Spirit of Life and
Light... before – He put me thru a most grueling, terrifying consecration. This was
before. He was preparing the soil. People often say, “Why doesn't this person go, and why doesn't...
they've all been baptized.” I say, “Listen. Don't you know God has to have something to baptize when He baptizes.”
Don't you know He does? Yes, He has to have something to baptize. He couldn't baptize me if
I had come along that way. No. he shut me up till about three or four o'clock in the morning on the floor. I
had never seen anyone get on their knees and get down and pray. Methodists don't do that way. But
you know when the Spirit moves on you, how many know it doesn't matter about the posture of your
body. You can be flat on your back or on your stomach or almost anywhere. When prayer goes on in
you. And here was this “awful” groaning for God. I was saved, but God wanted to do something in
me before He could really fill me with the Spirit. And do you know what it was? It was just this, I had
never really related it before in my life. I had experienced, but I didn't know it had any relation to
anything in here. All thru that evening until two or three o'clock in the morning, down on my face
before the Lord, I was conscious of the Lord; I never knew He could talk to people, because I had
never been taught that. I didn't know about that, but I knew that if their was ever anything real in my
whole life, here was the presence of God dealing with my immortal Spirit. And when He began to deal
with me, it was not concerning sins, and failures, and all of that. That had been taken care of, I was a
Christian already. He was beginning with all the legitimate issues of living. All of the right things, all
of the correct things, and all of the good things to which I might become attached in some way.
Family– why during that period of those three, four, five hours that I was on the floor before God, I
buried everyone of my relatives. I wept all my tears for them right then. My heart was broken for them right then.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gods will

Was there one day in your life when you consecrated yourself absolutely to the Lord? I do not mean
consecrating yourself to Him to be a preacher, but consecrating yourself to Him to do His will. You do
not have to be concerned for what God's will is; you only have to consecrate yourself honestly to Him to
do His will. You must realize that you should have a direct relationship to God's will; this relationship
should not be affected by the brothers and sisters. If the Lord wants me to go to the east, I will go the
east. I will not be affected by any person, event, or thing. However, my eyes will not be set on the east,
but on God Himself. The danger of God's workers today is the danger of making their work the center.
We must be directly related to God and set our eyes on Him alone. The seven Spirits in Revelation are
sent forth into all the earth, but they do not have anything to do with the earth. The seven Spirits are
before the throne of God and are related to God alone. We must consecrate ourselves fully to
God at least once, for the carrying out of His will. This is the starting point in our knowledge of His
will. Without this starting point, we can never understand God's will properly.
An absolute consecration is the starting point of knowing God's will. But if you want to advance in His
will, you must deal with all the hindrances. If you have any stubbornness, jealousy, pride, or petty
problems of a similar nature, you will be spiritually sick and unable to know God's will. If you want to
stop your ear from hearing anything, there is no need to plug it with a rod or a desk; all you need is a
little finger. The same principle applies in knowing God's will--a little hindrance will stop us from
knowing His will. Once I was taking a walk with a sister in a garden. After some time the two of us
became tired, and we sat down on some chairs under a tree. She said, "There is a bright star in the sky,
but I cannot see it because a leaf has blocked the view. Brother , if someone comes and tells me
many ways to see the star, I still could not see it even though the ways he said were good. The reason is
that my position is wrong; I am standing on the wrong ground." The words she said that night are still
fresh in my mind today. She explained that a little leaf could block the light of a big star. Many times,
God's will is frustrated by very small things. When you seek after God's will again and again and are still
unclear, you should not change the method, but change the person. If you find that you cannot know
God's will, it means that there is some blockage between you and God. It may be that God has spoken to
you already, but that you are unwilling to obey Him. You have to remove these hindrances. After you
have dealt with these problems thoroughly, you will know God's will!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Daily experience

The daily life of the Christian is summed up in the word 'receive'. Every challenging thing that
God demands of me long-suffering, meekness, humility, goodness, holiness, joy is not something I
am, or something I do, or some virtue I acquire or attain to. It is Christ in me. Each is the
manifestation of Him. Let Him be revealed, naturally and spontaneously, and that is enough.
'He is made unto us . . .' If He were our Justifier, Sanctifier, Redeemer, we could understand.
But it does not say He does these things. It uses abstract nouns: He is these things. Christ in us
meets every demand of God, and every demand of the circumstances around us.
It is not in us to be humble, nor shall we find it helps to trust in the power of Christ to make us
humble. Christ is humble, naturally-that is, by His very nature-and He is made our humility, for
Christ is our all. Even faith and trust and obedience, if we regard them as virtues by which we
attain, will prove ineffective. It is not that I trust His Word, therefore I can be longsuffering. It is
that Christ is long suffering, and, praise God, Christ is in me! Once again, this is Isaac, natural,
simple, spontaneous, trusting implicitly and without question, because the Father has made
absolutely sufficient provision.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Lamb

The Cross is God's JUDGMENT OF THE WORLD! And in that great and terrible Day of
the LORD, God is going to execute the sentence of judgment that He decreed at
Golgotha. We may be inclined to believe that Christ came as a Lamb to redeem us, but
that in His resurrection and enthronement He is now ruling on the throne of glory as a
Lion. This is not exactly right; and it is yet to be revealed and made manifest in the earth,
that He who conquered over sin and Satan and the world by His sacrifice of the Cross, is
now ruling and reigning as THE LAMB on the throne. The Lion of Judah is only
mentioned once in the Book of Revelation, and twenty-eight times as the Lamb! When no
one was worthy to open the book and loose the seals, one of the elders said,
"Weep not:
behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the
book, and to loose the seven seals thereof"
(Rev. 5:5). But when John turned to see this
mighty Lion...
"Lo, in the midst of the throne... stood a Lamb as it had been slain" (vs.6).
It is significant that John the beloved never saw
"the Lion of the tribe of Judah" as a
powerful lion, either here or elsewhere in the Book of Revelation. Why?--we might ask.
Because this "Lion" was still the Lamb in heart, in nature and in character; and God
wants His people to always see Him and worship Him as the Lamb on the throne, and to
"follow the Lamb"
of meekness, rather than the Lion of power. These wounds in His
hands and feet and side are no longer the bruises inflicted upon Him by sinful men, but
badges of Honor and Glory! And if we would reign with Him, He wants us to know it is
only as we "suffer with Him.""

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I believe there is a calling to our heart. The Lord is preparing a witness that will be caught up
into a higher realm of identity and authority. It is a birthing out of the earthly into the heavenly.

Out of the religious into the spiritual. Our connection with the Adamic nature must
be cut before we can experience this. As we respond to this call and make ourselves
available and allow the Lord to work within, we will be lifted and
empowered by the Lord beyond anything that the world has ever seen.
The words of the enemy will always push us down and keep us earth bound.
It is our destiny to operate in this spiritual dimension. From this dimension we will
become an expression of His life and a present day witness to the world.
He is returning to be glorified in the Saints.

Isaiah 40:31"...They that wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings...."


Friday, October 5, 2012

The Light

We are not only soldiers of the cross; we are heirs to the throne.
The divine nature permeates our souls, transforms our minds,
transplants our hearts, and transfigures our spirits.
We were made to be vessels of His glory and vehicles of His light.
The children of God were never intended to live by their own strength.
If your life can still be explained in terms of you – your personality,
your gifts, your talent, your will-power, your money, your courage,
your dedication, your scholarship, or your anything –
you are not yet walking as Jesus did. You will need to learn how the Son lived by
the power of the Holy Spirit before you can become a true vessel of God’s glory.
In the same way Jesus received His life from the Father and thereby displayed
the Father’s glory in this world, we are to receive our life from the Son. Jesus

“And the glory which You {the Father} gave Me I have given them, that
they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me.” (John 17:22-23)

The Son is able to continue bringing glory to the Father as we permit Him to
display the light of His life and works through our mortal bodies while walking
in this world.

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and
godliness.” (2 Pet. 1:3)

God’s children were created to reflect the light of God’s glory. We have been
designed in a way that will permit the divine power of Christ’s Spirit to work
through us. We are therefore expected to reflect a heavenly nature that is referred
to in the Scriptures as the “light of life” in our daily activities. And according to
God’s Word, everyone who sees this “light” will know the life is coming through
a work of God’s power.

I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in
darkness, but have the light of life. (John 8:12)