My Heart

The Lord has given me a burden for His people. That they might be prepared and released to function in His Kingdom. That their heart might become good ground. That an awareness of the conditions by which The Lord becomes active in their life would be imparted and experienced. He has brought many into my life who are hungry for more. Their heart is deeply longing for something beyond their present experience, so the word of the Kingdom finds residence deep within the inner most parts and over time becomes spiritual reality. The greater the need the deeper the revelation. I don’t have anything in my head for anyone, my memory seems very lacking, but I have been brought to a place that my heart is dependent on The Lord. If there is a hunger in the heart and we are open to receive then without exception the Spirit of Life will flow out and meet that need. I always have faith that The Lord wants to impart something of Himself (Spiritual Substance). What I have received is something of Life for those who want to go on with the Lord. The way I have found to listen is not with my head. If all that I have from the Lord I tried to keep in my head I would be lost and lifeless “He that hath an ear let him hear”…it’s that spiritual ear that receives life. We don’t get to store it up in our mind. It flows and functions in the field of need. There is an inner spiritual ear. The ear of the Spirit. Within this inner Spiritual being we discover the ability to hear. Those that are known are truly known by the witness of the Spirit because we are spirit beings. If we live in the spirit let us also walk in the spirit. He that hath an ear to hear,  let Him hear what the Spirit is saying in this hour. For years I wasn’t being feed but the Lord has been faithful and lead me to a place where He has been able to reveal Himself and make Himself known to me and through me. I have learned as I have listened with this inner spiritual ear that truth registers in my spirit and works its way into the understanding, It may take months or years for the Lord to organize the circumstances of our life to create the conditions so that truth is perceived and released from the inner most parts of our being up into the consciousness, that the eyes of our understanding be opened. Religion attempts to do it the other way, they approach the intellect trying to fill the mind with truth, thinking it will save the soul. Not realizing that truth is a Person, the Word is alive and quick and powerful. In the whole of the universe there is no life outside of Christ. The Lord has us hidden now. We as a Bride are making ourselves ready by yielding to The Spirit and becoming dependent upon the Tree of Life (Christ). Out of that relationship flows a measure of authority as sons. There will be a day when we are sovereignly lifted by The Lord, caught up into a new level of relationship with Him where we function far beyond our present ability. Now Christ is being formed in us, His Body. The day our unveiling is approaching. When this happens the whole world will be shaken as the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of Our God and His Christ. Worthy is the Lamb! Holy ,Holy, Holy is His Name.