Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The school of The Spirit is where we are prepared as both a Bride and a Son.
It is a place of a growing awareness of His manifest presence. We are changed
from glory to glory. It is here as we are baptized in fire that we learn to fully 
trust The Lord to bring about His purposes in our lives. It is a place where we
surrender everything to Him and it is also where The Lord takes all the potential
that He has placed within us and causes it to become spiritual reality. 
Truth is never ours until we pay for it. Once our High Priest begins the process
of dividing our soul and spirit then we come to understand the price.
The Lord will draw us to separate ourselves from many distractions and come
apart each day to spend time waiting upon Him. It is a choice each day to enter 
this place of prayer and separation and it is a choice to remain there.
Everyday that you make this choice is a day that will change who you are
for all eternity. 

"From Glory to Glory" "From Faith to Faith" "From Strength to Strength"

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Psalm 102:16
When the LORD shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory.

Zion is the church within the church, the 5 wise virgins, The Bride of Christ.
The Overcomer  that has heard the knock and opened the door of their life to
be separated and prepared by The Lord. There is yet an offer being made for
us to enter in to His abiding presence and anointing. Separation comes before
preparation. Wash your cloths! Clean up your life by His Grace through
faithfulness and obedience. You belong to Him and every area of your life
must come under His sovereignty. The choices of who you spend time with and
what you see, hear and say will change as you quietly consecrate yourself.  
As you become aware of these areas and make your choices for The Lord
you will be lifted into a higher level of relationship. As God did each day
with Adam, He desires to do with each of us.

He wants to come each day to walk in the Garden of our life experience. 
To see what we have done, what we have accomplished in our life circumstance. 
How we have committed our life to the Lord in a greater measure.
There is yet time for The Bride to make herself ready!