Friday, September 11, 2015


" I do not need or want an outward sign. I don't need to see an angel, gold dust or miracles. I do not need a dream, a word or a pat on the back. When you begin to rely on the outward to guide the inward, your journey inward ceases and you become reliant upon that which your five senses can prove. Your faith ceases to grow. Authentic relationship becomes moot. The result is catastrophic. This reduces faith to an outward event, not a Personal relationship. Fellowship is with "signs" and not the "Son". A seeking of signs and wonders replaces a Friendship with Jesus. For the outward will never cause the inward to be strengthened. Rather, the inward is proven by what flows outward. The visible outward reality should be the overflow of the inward. Life has its roots deep within. If you will nurture the inward the world will be transformed by what overflows out of that inward Life."