Friday, August 30, 2013

Pure worship

Pure worship brings unity into a Gospel meeting.  It releases the anointing of the Holy Spirit upon the meeting and creates an awareness of the Lord’s presence within those who are worshipping.  Worship both hinders and displaces the functioning of principalities and demons, as worship creates an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual warfare and deliverance.
Therefore, when the music and atmosphere is favorable, the Holy Spirit readily “lifts” those who are worshipping into the manifest presence of the Lord, in which the quickening power of the Holy Spirit transforms lives.
This “Holy Spirit imparted” capability of flowing together in audible worship, relates to the fact that at the time of our salvation experience, we received the enabling ability to express worship to the Lord.  This “spirit of worship” abides deep within each one of us, and awaits an opportunity for its expression.  All that is needed for us to begin to worship the Lord in prophetic harmony, is anointed music and a little encouragement.