Saturday, August 31, 2013

Levels of Worship

There are many different levels in the expression of worship within the Body of Christ.  The first time I attended a Full Gospel meeting, I was disturbed by the loud audible praise, and attempted to leave.  I understood “blessed quietness,” but I had never heard everyone in a service singing and worshipping the Lord loudly and freely.  Today, I am eternally thankful that the Lord had His way and that, though slowly, I entered into this same spiritual freedom in the expression of audible praise and worship.
Worship increases our desire to experience the presence of the Lord.  It is a key to our becoming sensitive to His presence, and to our learning to recognize His voice.  As we are faithful in our expression of worship to the Lord, we will become increasingly more aware of His abiding presence, and we will more easily discern His voice.  Our vocal worship will do much in helping to develop these spiritual qualities within us.