Thursday, July 17, 2014

Present Attainment

Our “present attainment” of spiritual life and experience is the place to which we have been brought through Jesus Christ our Lord. All this is a preliminary training school for the ages yet to come. It is in the “here and now” that we make certain qualifications for our placement in the eternal ages. These qualifications will not be given to us spontaneously, when we get there. Rather, we are being qualified for them here, during this present time. 

Then, in the eternal ages, that which has been acquired through discipline and training - through the surrender of our old life to the resurrection of the new - all of this will be projected upon another (higher) plane of living in the ages that are yet to come. Whatever we build up of spiritual value, vigor, and vision, during our lifetime - this is all that the Lord will take of us into eternity. Eternity will not be a place of mixture only measure...

Matthew 13:8 (The Living Bible)
But some fell on good soil and produced a crop that was 
thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as he had planted.