Tuesday, July 15, 2014


     As God shines light in our heart it is a call for us to make ourselves available each morning
for something new, beyond that which we received the day before. It is a call to His body that
is responded to individually by each of us. Thank You Lord that there is so much you want to
impart this day! Here I am Lord waiting upon You. Thank You Lord for your intervention
in my life circumstance to bring me to a place of more fully trusting You this day.
     There is this need we become aware of. We need the Lord to become active in our life.
To intervene and remain in an ever increasing measure. To so order our steps that we make
steady progress each day toward the High Calling in Christ. This is the only path to become
The Bride of Christ. The Son, The Overcomer, The Manchild. The many facets of spiritual
maturity. Far beyond everything I have seen and experienced in The Lord there remains this
need. There is more so much more each day that must be written upon our hearts as a message
that will unfold for all eternity to the Glory of the Lord.