Friday, October 18, 2013

My Prayer for Us Today

My prayer is that You will be stirred  so that your heart becomes  hungry for reality and truth,
a reality that is beyond your current understanding, a  fellowship with the Lord  Jesus,
an understanding  of His Word, a beautiful time that you set aside each day to bear
your soul to His Glory. Father grant each of us a new and liberating touch from You.
Lord make us sensitive to the moving of Your Holy Spirit.  Give us a vision of who
You desire to be in each one of us. Deliver us from the bondage of the "here and now".
Lord may we see everything in our life in the Light of Eternity. Lord cause us to walk in Your light.
Lord bring to a place we have never dared go. Lord tear down all that would hinder You
in our lives. In The Name that is above every name, In Christ Jesus name I pray, Thank You Lord, Amen.

There is a Prayer request form at the bottom of the page.
Please know that each request is brought before The Lord
as I seek Him each day. Feel free to email. I correspond
with people around the world each day and everyday
The Lord desires to do a "New Thing" in our hearts.

                                                  Chang Noi