Wednesday, October 2, 2013

God's Love

Luke 10:27

Living Bible (TLB)
27 “It says,” he replied, “that you must love the Lord your God with all your heart,
and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind.....”

Many of us don’t consciously refuse God's love, we just feel we are unworthy of it.
We carry with us the weighty idea that His love must be earned and deserved.
This carries over into all of life and often goes back to our childhood where
we were taught to think that all love is conditional. “If I’m good enough, I can be rewarded.
If I’m not good, I can only expect to suffer for my wrongness.”
Yes, we’re unworthy of it. Yes, our sin-nature stands between it and us.
The fact is no one of us is good enough to deserve God’s love, It only comes to us unconditionally.
It is only upon His initiatives, not ours, that it is available to us. We must “seize” it. By blind faith.
1 John 4:7 says “Love is of [or from] God”. This means that it has its origin in Him, it emanates from Him,
and cannot be fully known apart from Him. Since this is a quality that only comes from God Himself,
we cannot expect to produce it apart from Him. Herein lies a secret to a breakthrough in our faith.
Although our sin grieves God, redemption creates a path to know God's love. God's light shines in us
and we see our true condition and the condition of the world around us. We are drawn by the Holy Spirit
to a heart repentance. We call upon the Lord and invite Gods Son Jesus to reside in us.
This most important moment is the beginning of our eternal life and opens the door to know and grow in Gods love.
We must realize that He loves us unconditionally and wants us to experience His love. There is no experiencing of God
so great as that of experiencing His love and allowing His love to move through us to touch others.
This love flows in two directions. We, as both recipients and givers, stand in between the two.
Our love to God is to be without reservation, with all our heart (the place in us where our spirit meets our soul and responds to God),
with all our soul (the part in us that defines our personality and decides who we are, what we are, and how we act and react),
with all our mind (the part in us that thinks, learns, knows, decides, and understands), and
with all our strength (the capacity in us that rises up, breaks down opposition and reaches out to God).
God's love permeates all aspects of our being. There will be no part of life left untouched
as He loves us and our newly born spirit finds expression in our soul and we enter the school of the spirit
and daily learn to function in His Kingdom as His love flows from us throughout all eternity.