Monday, October 7, 2013

A Pure Spirit

How rare it is these days to find a pure spirit. Usually whenever our spirit comes forth, so does our soul ; they are mixed. So it’s not power we lack but purity. Many of Gods most powerful servants have erred at this juncture. Everyone bears witness that the power of God is flowing through them , yet because their spirit is mixed, they are harming and hindering the very life they impart.

At some point in our spiritual journey we become aware that we have touched the Lords life and it begins to flow through us and minister to others. All the while we remain unaware that it is being filtered and mixed with our soul. As we continue to walk with the Lord he will make us aware of this.

A love and desire for a pure spirit will be birthed in us.

When we are young in the Lord and first begin to experience the gospel in power we are at times overwhelmed and much of what comes out is mixed, so people touch our life as well as the Lords. We must allow the Lord to so work in our lives that a pure word flows forth. Through the discipline and revelation of The Holy Spirit this can be done.

When the spirit comes forth, it must not be shadowed by our soul. Through the discipline of The Holy Spirit we are broken. The natural life begins to find less expression as we minister. The Lord produces a cleanliness or purity of spirit in us.

As we walk in a greater measure of light we judge ourselves before God and are changed from glory to glory. If we don’t submit in this area then our soul and spirit automatically come out together.

At some point this will cause great harm and confusion as we bring people into a mixed experience.

As I have walked with the Lord over the years this is the single biggest problem in the lives of God's people. Frequently we touch both life and death in our brother. We find God but also self, a meek spirit but also stubbornness, the Holy Spirit but also the flesh...all in the same person! When we stand to speak, many may be impressed but a mixed spirit remains, a spirit which is not clean.

May the cry from all those who desire to share the Lords life be "Create in me a clean heart.
Renew within me a right spirit." Divide the spirit from the soul that Your life may find pure, perfect and powerful expression.

 (Heb. 4:12,13)."For the word of God is living and operative, and sharper than any two-edged sword, and penetrating to the division of soul and spirit, both of joints and marrow, and a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. And there is not a creature unapparent before Him; but all things are naked and laid bare to His eyes, with whom we have to do".