Thursday, September 19, 2013

THE River of God Must Flow

The river flows through people. The word I had was this: " Be open-open up. Don't tell God how to do it,
stop telling Him what He can do and what he can't do. We do this by the attitude of our heart.
Don't tell Him who He can use and who He can't use. He can use whom He wants.                                                  

Don't let your religious mindsets prevent you from receiving all the things that God is doing and is about to do.

You will be hearing things in your spirit that you have never heard before.

Often if God doesn't do it your way- you write it off. Well "be open" We do this by the attitude of our heart.

But you know, God is not asking what you think about it -He isn't asking your opinion nor your permission.

He is going to open the gates if you are willing - if you want the river to flow. Be open - open the gates of your mind and let the religious mindsets fall - they  are like walls that prevent you from letting in the water of LIFE and power and joy.

What if you had a city and you built walls to keep the enemy out - but in the process of trying to keep the enemy out you found you were keeping out your best and closest ally?

The city is your mind and walls are those religious concepts and some of the things you are so convinced about. The Holy Spirit is our best friend and He wants to come into the city and knock down some of those walls so that the goodness of God can come in and flood your mind.

So that truth can come in and set you free!