Friday, September 6, 2013


As we obey the Lord, the result of our obedience will produce within us “grace” in the form of “enabling strength,” which will make it yet easier for us to obey.  If we disobey, it becomes easier for us to again disobey, as we become “hardened,” and progressively it becomes more difficult to hear His voice or His convicting presence.
Our obeying the Lord and receiving His blessing does not mean that we will never again have a problem.  After experiencing a time of remarkable blessings and provisions, things may get worse.  The Lord will test us to see if we are capable of rightly handling what we have received, and if He might trust us with more.
We were told that we are to “be” a witness.  In the original, this word “witness” can be translated “martyr.”  As we die to our self-life, the life of Jesus will be seen through our lives, and others will receive comfort, strength, and healing.
And also, we will have entered into the “depths” of a personal relationship with Jesus, as we have rightly heard and responded to the “deep” eternal desire that is within Him.
This is the result of what we have become, not what we are doing.