Friday, November 22, 2013

Off Course

The Lord will come to meet us, even when we seem to have lost the way.
As we confess our need for Him then our heart becomes “good ground” and is
receptive to all that the Lord would desire to do. This is the starting point to recovery
as the Lord is released in a thousand different ways to use both people and circumstances
in our lives to bring about our spiritual restoration. When we place the Lord in full control
of all that pertains to us then we receive everything as being through His hand or by His permission.
At this moment we must fully trust our High Priest and know that all is designed (working together)
to bring forth the very best from the potential that He sees within us. We are to stand still during this time
and rightly interpret our circumstance. At times it will also be a place of separation, apart from friends,
and from those things that would attempt to occupy our time and divert us from entering His rest.
This place of rest is the place where all that is of eternal value is birthed….we will receive a glimpse
of who we are in Him and step by step begin to walk in the Victory of Calvary…..