Monday, November 18, 2013

My Prayer Today

Lord Jesus,
May each of us come to the place where we are fully submitted to You as our Lord Jesus Christ. Lord bring us to that place of relationship with You that we are able to function in the spiritual authority that You gained for us through Your death on the cross.  May our lives, and all that pertains to us be brought into divine order and purpose, that we will be able to affect the environment in which we live. Thank You Lord that this desire of our hearts has been given by You. We stand in Your presence, waiting moment by moment for that enabling Grace. Lord we don't take for granted all the people you have brought into our lives. May all those in our life, our circumstance, our heart and our prayers be touched and changed forever by Your Life. Thank You Lord that You hear our prayer and that it was birthed by the gift of faith and it is creative and will accomplish Your Glory both here and now and throughout all eternity. In Jesus  name I pray.