Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christ Is Our Life

Col 3:4 When Christ, who is our life, appears, you too
will appear to be glorified in fellowship with Him.

There is a pattern of life that God desires for each of us.
It is one full of joy and rest, one that is uninterrupted
communion with God, and in perfect harmony with His will.
It is a life that does not thirst and hunger after the world, that walks
outside of sins, and that transcends all things. Indeed, it is a holy,
powerful and victorious life, and one that knows Gods will and
experiences the enabling grace to walk it out, step by step.
It is the life of the Son. The life which God has ordained
is a life that is hid with Christ in God. It is a place of safety.
Nothing can touch, affect or shake this life. As Christ is unshakable,
so we are unshakable. As Christ transcends all things, we also
transcend all things. As Christ is before God, so we too are before Him.
Let us therefore bring every thought captive to this reality. (2Cor 10:5)
"Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world." (1John 4:4)
The life of the Son perfectly pleases the Father. “Christ is our life