Wednesday, August 19, 2015


My family and I partake of communion each day at home. We have a time of preparation so we can effectively partake. We speak of the Lord together and all the people He has put in our life. We speak of the needs of the body for His life that we are about to receive. A song of love for Him rises within and we are lifted into the presence of the Lord and His life begins to flow into our lives. This time of preparation before we partake lifts us from the natural realm into the spiritual. For us to receive the literal body and blood of Jesus we must “exchange realms”. To “commune” with Our Lord is an “intimacy of the heart”. Jesus speaks and we listen, then we speak and He listens and a flow begins as we enter into “communion” with Jesus and become one with Him, as being a branch that is properly attached to the vine we are able to partake of His life. During this time we are “made to know” that apart from Him we can do nothing so “true repentance” of the heart from “dead works” and “dead words” takes place and we are changed by “His Life”. “Of Him, Through Him and Back to Him”…that is the path of His “life giving spirit".