Saturday, May 2, 2015

What Time Is It ?

From the birth of Jesus we are approaching the third day.
The first two days comprise the new testament church and
now we enter the third day, the millennial day of the Kingdom
where Christ takes His place as the head of the Church.
From the point of creation we are at the end of the sixth day.
Man is given 6 days. The seventh day is the day of the Lord.
The millennial day. God’s day begins in the evening and ends
in the morning. It’s still dark in the world. We do not see
everything clearly. Only those who have been brought to a
place of complete dependency will continue to walk forward
with the Lord. The seventh day from Adam, the third day from Jesus.
The Sabbath, The Lords day. The day is an indeterminate time for the
accomplishment of a purpose. A time of activity for Gods eternal purpose.