Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spirit Realm

To be in union with God is to touch, experience, and live in the supernatural, the realm of all-God. Even though God dwells in every dimension, humans are body, soul, and spirit. To be aware of and live in the Spirit, we must realize that this realm exists. We must strive to give ourselves to Him that we too may experience the fullness of His intentions for us, in this realm of eternal life and supernatural fulfillment. Our five senses only put us in touch with the natural world, but our spirits put us in touch with the spirit realm. In that realm we can experience Him in a way that we never dreamed possible. In the spirit realm, the Holy Spirit pours into our spirit so that we can know the plan of God, understand our role in it, and dedicate ourselves to its fulfillment.

            In the natural realm, the dimension in which we live in our bodies, our soul is fed information from the five senses. It is the task of our five natural senses to gather information from this natural realm and feed it to our soul—our mind, will, and emotions.

            Your soul interprets this information and makes decisions accordingly. If you are tuned only to the five senses, you only get a portion of the information you need to make decisions. That means you will miss much vital information that can only be sensed by your spirit and delivered to your soul through that spirit. The spirit realm is just as real as the natural realm. It contains vital information as to the course and function of your life. It keeps us balanced in our overall understanding of God, the universe, and our place here on earth. If we concentrate on the input of the five senses while ignoring the input of the spirit, we become hardened to what we see from the spirit realm. We then become like a car trying to go straight ahead with one brake locked. We can only go in circles while making a lot of smoke and noise! It may look spiritual to some, but it gets us nowhere. The more naturally minded we are, the more we will be drawn to the natural realm. When this happens, the more distant and elusive the spirit realm will seem to become. Also, the more naturally minded, or carnally minded, we become, the more the power of the flesh, along with its lusts and desires, will try to rule us. If it can’t take us over, it will certainly distract us from our goal of listening and following the Lord. Remember, the enemy doesn’t care if you give in to his temptation or spend your time and energy fighting him. The trickster is happy as long as you are not doing the will of God. So a day in which you battle temptation and squeak through without sin is still a success for the enemy, for you were focused on the temptation, and therefore did not tap in to the supernatural resources of the realm of all-God.