Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Out of our control

Jesus is taking back the Church He is building. He will remove it from the hands of frightened, angry people to build it Himself. God is consuming the lives of those who will give Him permission. Many just don’t get it. We have the final say. Make no mistake, we decide the course of our lives. We make decisions every day that either lead us to the many dreams He has for us, or lead us in a path of our own choosing. When Jesus is Lord, in control of your home, your marriage, and your children, your world is strengthened and empowered. When He is Lord of your emotions, your past, and your memories, you are free to grow, and far more than you could possibly see now. When Jesus is in control of the deep places where you need healing and restoration, the joy of the Lord overflows your heart and life. Jesus wants to be Lord in every aspect of our lives. We know what the word Lord means, and we know how to get around that word. We’ve been getting around it all our lives—rationalizing it, measuring it, analyzing it. But He wants us to allow Him to take control completely out of our hands and place it "Completely in His hands so that it is out of our control so that moment by moment we may be moved by the wind of His spirit.