Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Narrow Gate

Mat 7:13-14 (wnt)
"Go in by the narrow gate, for broad and roomy is the road that leads to destruction, and many are going
in by it. But narrow is the gate and hard is the road that leads to life, and few are they that find it."

This scripture is always portrayed as the multitudes of the unsaved going into the eternal lake of fire and
a few going into heaven but that is not what this is saying.  This word is spoken to the Church not to the world.
The substance of this word is that within Christianity once we have received the gift of salvation, redeemed
and purchased by the blood of the Lamb, there are two ways that we can go as a Christian. We can live out
our life more or less going our own way, doing our own thing maintaining the gift of salvation knowing that
someday we will walk on streets of gold and be in paradise. Or we can commit our lives to the higher purpose
of the Lord. There is a life of commitment where we take that free gift of salvation, the redemption the Lord
has given plus that which we have the totality of our being the potential and the possibilities of life that are
within us and our right to choose and we give that to the Lord. "Lord with all that I am and hope and desire,
Lord I submit it and lay it at  your feet." Would you choose this narrow way today and allow the Lord to create
in you a heart that responds to Him. That walks in harmony with the Holy Spirit. Within you is an eternal
potential to relate to the Lord, but it must be developed and formed in this life. The path of destruction is a
life that once created (Born Again), never matures. A Spirit born that remains veiled in a soul unbroken. The
unlimited potential of Christ in us is the High Calling that is far beyond having heaven as our home.

"Father God, birth within each heart a desire to walk the narrow way. To choose the hills and climb the
mountains and walk the narrow path, a path less traveled that leads to a revelation of Your Glory." Amen