Monday, December 29, 2014

His Bride Has Made Herself


Revelation 19:7: …."His bride has made herself ready…." We are called as a Bride, a companion for all eternity. But our preparation and qualification for that is in this life, for He (Christ) will only return for His Bride when she has been matured (made ready) to the point of being without blemish ("spot or wrinkle" - Ephesians 5:25-27 and Revelation 19:7 & 21:2 & 9). In this life we are being subjected by God our master potter (Jeremiah 18:2-4) to testing and training to bring us to a place of unity with Christ Jesus. We have a responsibility here in the fullness of time that is our life to allow it to become His life. We are to prepare ourselves. Not in our own strength, it requires His light (word), life (power), and His love. Our responsibility is to allow Him to work in our lives; to yield to Him, to aggressively seek and desire Him and that He might work in us. Being His Bride is not a "gift", nor a set of blessings bestowed, it is relationship! It is the most beautiful and complete union imaginable. Relationship, not religion! To be a Christian is not a matter of being "religious", but being in a personal relationship with God the Father through Christ Jesus the Son. Being His Bride is the ultimate culmination of our relationship with Him...beloved of Him...sought out by Him...perfected by Him and established with Him. To be a Bride means total abandonment of one's entire self, will, goals, name and nature unto another (the Bridegroom). It means total unity with Him, with His will being primary in all things. It means being totally compatible with Him, that we should be like Him. The Bride of the Lamb is to make herself ready! To be like the Lamb means to be a lamb ourselves, to have fully acquired His nature. That is our Lord's primary purpose in all His dealings in our lives... the making of a Bride!