Thursday, July 11, 2013


The procedure of the operation of the Holy Spirit in us is first to create in us a longing, causing us to be dissatisfied with our current life; for the start of retrogression in one’s spiritual life is satisfaction, whereas the commencement of progress is dissatisfaction. The Holy Spirit does the work of emptying before He does the work of filling. God hollows us out in order to then fill us. Hollowing out is God’s means, but filling up is God’s end. For the purpose of emptying us, the Holy Spirit will allow us to meet difficulties. All these difficulties are arranged by the Holy Spirit to lead us to deeper seeking. The victory at Jericho cannot be used to fight against the next and smaller city of Ai. We cannot use yesterday’s huge victory to fight today’s small battle. Past experience is not sufficient for present need. God never asks us to eat yesterday’s manna.