Thursday, June 25, 2015

personal spiritual hunger

The most valuable asset we have is our personal spiritual hunger for the Lord. Unless we are spiritually hungry we will be content to remain in the reflected glory of someone else's walk with the Lord. If we remain here we are only an observer of the Kingdom and are feed exclusively by what others receive from the Lord. This spiritual hunger comes from the Lord, it’s a gifting from Him. To maintain this gift it has to be valued, guarded, treasured and kept. It has to be feed the right kind of diet for it to stay healthy. We do this by spending time with the Lord. We do this by choice each day as we separate ourselves from the things that will rob us of the presence of The Lord. This has nothing to do with a list of do's, don'ts and doctrines… Its about making ourselves available and desirable to the Lord. We hunger to enter into His higher purpose for our life. So then here comes another day…one of many small choices for me to ponder in my heart…should I do this thing or not?…. go to this place? or spend time with this person?….well…would The Lord be comfortable to do this thing with me that I am considering?? Its not a legalistic thing…It's placing a value on the Lords presence…on being open and sensitive to the Lord. These decisions are personal and private…we may be prompted to choose not to do something that another believer has the liberty to do…Whenever we deny ourselves we pay a price and that becomes a witness to the Lord…It becomes a testimony as I rise above the things that could hinder and become a weight… it is obedience in that very thing that releases the presence of the Lord into my life and I become an overcomer and enter into a higher level of relationship with The Lord.