Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Surrender To Me

A message to the heart of a believer "SURRENDER TO ME, and give Me COMPLETE CONTROL of you, the creation that I have made.  In all three dimensions (Spirit Soul and Body) , and I can come inside of you and work a MIRACLE. The ONLY HINDRANCE is, NOT your SINS. I have FORGIVEN them. It’s the RESISTANCE, conscious or unconscious! The RESISTANCE of Independence. The Spirit of Life is ever seeking to PUSH THROUGH! A war to extend the sovereignty of Gods Kingdom to every area. It is as a “seed” that has to push its way up through the ground and we’re “that ground!” We’re “dust!” Man is made of the DUST! This "seed life" pushes through my earth and yours. Not this FLESH, but the “earth” which represents all that we ARE. That’s the dust; that God used to form HUMANITY. The little seed that’s planted in us has the potential to become something eternally beautiful.